My First Minimosquito

Submitted by Marco on Wed, 08/11/2021 - 12:50

Just like most people, I too have little things that bug me, sometimes they even keep me awake at night. These little things, thoughts and feelings that bother me, in other people or within myself, can, like a cheeky mosquito, be buzzing around my head. I only hear it buzzing but I obviously can't see it because it's dark.  The next day, in daylight, the little buggah is of course nowhere to be seen. 

One or two little mosquitos are not really a problem, I can live with it, but if I let a million mosquitos stack up against me... it'll be bye bye my restful beautysleep!

So I started a blog called 'My Minimosquitos', in which I simply slap mosquitos (preferably with a bit of humor) around the ears as soon as they appear.  And hey, believe it or not, it works! A slap and a smile, and poofff problem gone.  Probably the nicest thing is that nearly every time I slap a minimosquito, there's a little lesson for me to learn. Maybe even for you, who knows! After all, I imagine we're not so very different, you and I. 

Here's to my first blog-entry: My First Minimosquito 

Enjoy, cheers! :)




my minimosquito

There once was a minimosquito
buggingly bugging me toe to top
My hands went wantonly whacko whack whack
I wanted the thingy to stop

But hey the minimosquito
busilly buzzed on an'on an'on
whilst I was scratching myself head to toe
wondering when it would ever be done

And in case you might be asking yourself
oh jeez's Marco alright in the head?
Ofcourse he is not coz he's off course again
this time blogging blog-bloggies instead.




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