a mile or two

Submitted by Marco on Fri, 09/03/2021 - 07:45
we all climb our hills
might find rest in a valley
we all need a light
when it’s too dark to see
we all try swimmin' ashore
when lost in an ocean
we all get worn out
when overdosed by emotion
we all walk a desert
oasis’ far away
we all see the fata morgana
of a better yesterday
we all fly up high
head lost in a cloud
whilst dragging our toes
in a murky puddle of doubt
When asking yourself
“what should I do?”
you’ll find the answer in
walkin’ the other one’s shoes
so instead of asking
“what can I do?”
just sacrifice a little while
walkin’ the other one’s shoes
So you’ll see that they’ll fit
certainly after a mile or two
You’ll find all your answers 
You’ll know what to do
And if it so happens to find y'self
depressingly lost with no appearent destiny
don’t be afraid, just let the other know
that you really could do with some company
just for a mile, and after a mile or two
you’ll both find directions in knowing
which way you should go
every little thing you can do

© Marco Akamawa

Yesterday-morning I wrote a song, ‘A Mile Or Two’ I called it. The uplifting melody accompanying the lyrics is still in my head, and I’ll work it out today. 

The song is my share of a musical project that I’ve recently started undertaking together with a small group of indie artist friends. Anyway, all that is not my mini-mosquito.

Yesterday afternoon I had a gig close to the market square in the city I live in, so I went there, with the lyrics of ‘A Mile Or Two’ fresh in my head. The gig was going great. After a few hours I took a quick break to go to the market itself, to buy my dinner for the evening. I left my guitar case full of coins at the venue. As you might know, a part of the money I earn I donate to local charities, and the rest I don’t really consider it “my” money, for it belongs to my company. I always remember to keep those two strictly separated, for I know all too well what happens if I begin to mix things up.

Anyway, just before buying some chicken, I was stopped by an elderly man on a bicycle, who coherently but with a strong foreign accent asked me politely if he could ask me a question.

”Of course”, I said, presuming he wanted to ask for directions.

“Would you have maybe a Euro or two, I'm very hungry”, he said. 

Apologetically (and feeling a bit guilty) I tapped my pockets and answered that I was sorry, that I didn’t have any coins on me, which by the way was true. He thanked me anyway, and I went to get my chicken paying with creditcard. Then I returned and continued the gig. 

Last night, in bed, this minimosquito kept bothering me. Although I was tired, I couldn’t sleep. I thought of the song I had written, of my encounter with the old man, and my guitar case full of coins. I felt like such a hypocrit.

So, first thing this morning, I added another 2 verses to my song, determined to learn from the little lesson my minimosquito taught me. Oh, and from now on I’m keeping a 2 Euro coin in my pocket, just in case. 

Have a happy day, People!


Ik Hou Steeds Meer Van Jou

60% of this song’s proceeds (media+streaming+downloads+album sales) go to Alzheimer’s & MS cure-research 

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