when time ticks itself away

Submitted by Marco on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 09:25

About Alzheimer’s, and a video call last night with my dad, I must this morning write my light frustration away. It's about what I imagine whilst trying to walk in his shoes.

I wish I could make my moments to stay
even if only for just another day
But as time is ticking itself away
my once colorful memories are now dull and grey

They are MY moments, the good ones and bad,
they are all mine I often say
but then I'm wondering again
what year and day we are today

Like in the lines of a monotonous rhyme
every last word ends very much the same
and even if a new word would come up to me
I'd quickly forget why it came

I prefer now to live 
safely back in the past
where time doesn't tick,
and my memories still last
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Ik Hou Steeds Meer Van Jou

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