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Submitted by Marco on Wed, 10/13/2021 - 12:57
uit de grond cover by Judith Weekers

...a few nights ago I woke up, as I often do recently, and was unable to go back to sleep again. I made a mental note to ask my doctor for something to help me sleep. From the mental note my thoughts went to my doctor, someone I deeply admire for who she is and for everything she did for me in the past, and a melody came to mind. From there lyrics quickly followed, till I fell asleep again.

The next morning I had forgotten about the mental note I had made, but remembered the melody and lyrics, so I went to my piano, and started playing. A few hours later I had finished a song, sung in Dutch.  

But... I thought it was too "romantic", and of course the last thing in the world I wanted was to let my doctor think that I'd be in love with her (which of course I am, but then again I'm sure that half her other patients are too :), so I completely changed the rythm of the song. 'Dank Je' (N's Song) I called it.  

Here's a link to it on Spotify , it came out just today.

Anyway, that song kept bugging me, it didn't feel real somehow, but I couldn't lay my finger on "why?".  Until I woke up (again) last night, and I immediately knew why... first of all it didn't feel real because I didn't stick to my original idea, secondly I had played piano and guitar in the song but I just didn't like the guitar, it somehow made it impersonal, I mean, I share all my songs with a guitar all the time, with everybody.

"Oboe!!! That's what I need!" I thought.  (Oboe is my favorite instrument, it's full of melancholy and I find it sounds solitary, even lonely sometimes).

Again I fell asleep, woke up early, and re-did the whole song. I also found a beautiful photo on FB that a good friend of mine, Judith Weekers, took, and used it for the song-cover. 

Here it is, 'Uit De Grond Van Mijn Hart (Dank Je)' I called it, [EN: From The Bottom Of My Heart (Thank You)] 

Audio file

 I hope you like it. Maybe I'll make an instrumental version, don't know yet. 


Ik Hou Steeds Meer Van Jou

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